From Rags to Righteousness

What does it mean to be the body of Christ? We have died with him. We have been raised with him. We have ascended with him and our lives are hidden with him in God. Paul says that in light of the fact that God has chosen us for a new life of love in his Son, we must dress in the wardrobe he has picked out for us (Colossians 3:12).

So many Christians have experienced the very worst of life in the body of Christ. They have been on the receiving end of anger, criticism, gossip, or slander. They have been ignored, embarrassed, or judged. Many have bounced in and out of churches for years without ever sensing they belonged or mattered to anyone. Is this the best we can expect out of the church in this life, or does God have something else altogether in mind? Can church become a source of real hope, real joy, real love, and real life?

Guided by the practical wisdom from the Apostle Paul for the churches in Colossae and Ephesus, this sermon series will take a hard look at the very worst of church life with a hopeful eye toward all we can become through the Son in the Spirit. To live out God’s intentions for the Christian church in the world, we must be a people who move From Rags to Righteousness.

Series Podcast Episodes

Fish Out Of Water





Prayer Service Homily

From the Grave to the Sky

The ascension. Myth? Legend? Fabrication? Or the intended consequence of the resurrection? Perhaps even more important: What does the movement of Jesus from the grave to the sky mean for my life?

This sermon series will grapple with these questions and so much more as together we dive into the implications of our Lord’s resurrection, ascension, and ministry both in between and beyond. Are you struggling with confusion, fear, or doubt? Jesus comes alongside of those who love him. Do you need a fresh perspective on life? He wants to give you his own perspective of himself, yourself, and the world around you. Do you feel alone in your efforts to sort through the labyrinth of your circumstances? He knows firsthand what you are going through and fights on your behalf.

Easter has come and gone. So now what? As people whose lives are hidden with God in Christ, what does it mean that we have died with him, been raised with him, and have moved with him From the Grave to the Sky?

Series Podcast Episodes

Christ, Our Life

When God Fails You

Moving With Boldness

Beyond The Moment

God is at Work in You

Jesus Himself Came Near

The Cross-Formed Life

The Scripture reveals some ideas that are very attractive to the human heart. Who doesn’t like the concepts of peace, comfort, hope, and love?

But there is a central concept which is the basis of all the ‘positives’ that, at first flush, does not strike us as quite so uplifting; that is the Cross.

The symbol of all the good that God offers to us in the atonement is the Cross. And, with every verse that pertains to victory the underlying theme is coming to the end of ourselves. (Phil 3:10-11) Jesus did not say, “Take up your open tomb.” He laid down a principle that He also applied to Himself, “Take up your cross and follow Me.” (Matt. 16:24) Theologians call this the “cruciform” life, a life shaped by the meaning of the cross.

In this Lenten season, we are going to delve into this startling and exhilarating command, this formative principle from which everything else in our lives emanates. Our goal will be to listen carefully to the Spirit as He illuminates any area in our lives that is not under the shadow of the Cross. The only resurrection there is must come through a cross. And the life we now live is lived with a constant glory in the Cross of Christ our Savior. Let’s dive into the uncomfortable together in order that Jesus might lift us up into the fullness of the joy of knowing Him.

Series Podcast Episodes

Palm Sunday

Thinking Like Jesus

Following Jesus

Stuck on the Sidelines

Christian to the Core

Christian to the CoreYou are invited to join us on an 8-week journey to becoming a deeper disciple by increasing your intimacy with God, increasing your love for people, and discovering God’s greater purposes for your life as we explore the Eight Core Values of the most vibrant and dynamic Christians in the world.

The Eight Core Values provide a clear road map for what it means to be a disciple of Jesus who is growing in Christ. Learn more by clicking here.

Series Podcast Episodes

Christian to the Core – Integrity

Christian to the Core – Stewardship

Christian to the Core – Family

True Victory

Christian To The Core – Relevant Evangelism

Christian To The Core – Embracing His Vision

Christian to the Core – Intimacy With God

The Scandal of the Incarnation

16-adventAdvent 2016

There is no greater, more enthralling story than that of the one, true God taking on flesh. All of us have our own story, but to be brought into the drama of God’s own life is pretty overwhelming. In fact, it is unbelievable.

The account, actually, is quite scandalous. Speaking of Bethlehem’s manger, a preacher once asked the question, “What’s a good God like that doing in a place like this?” Maybe you have had the experience of wondering the same thing. Could Jesus actually want to become inseparably connected to the likes of you and me?

In the next four weeks we will be exploring the story of how the Son of God took on our human nature, why He chose the people He did to point to his arrival, and how He enters into the human story, your story. When Jesus enters your scandalous story everything has the possibility of becoming glorious, free, whole. It is a marvelous story, almost too good to be true.

Series Podcast Episodes

Christmas Homily

Almost There

The Scandal of the Incarnation – Rahab

The Scandal of the Incarnation – Tamar