Book Review: Pray About Everything

Paul Tautges, in his short book Pray About Everything: Cultivating God-Dependency seeks to call churches and pastors to create a culture of prayer in the church.

While it is framed as an appeal to pastors, the content is accessible and beneficial for laypersons, since the bulk of the book are sermonettes designed to be given to a congregation to help instill prayer as a high value. The appendices at the end, give further ideas of how to implement pray as a central focus in a church or small groups.

I appreciate his focus on what pray should bring out in the prayer (God-dependency) as he calls the people of God to a life of prayer. His sermonettes are short but meaningful as he provides significant substance in short pieces.

I’m not sure if this book will be revolutionizing the pastor’s view on prayer, though there are great reminders throughout, but it’s more to show the pastor how to implement a pray-focused life in the church.

I received a free copy through Cross Focused Reviews and was not required to write a positive review.

Aaron Meservey

Aaron Meservey

Associate Pastor of Outreach & Discipleship at Elizabeth City EMC
Pastor Aaron is the Associate Pastor of Outreach & Discipleship at EMC. He and his wife Liz have two daughters, Eden and Chara.
Aaron Meservey

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