At EMC, we believe that what makes us who we are is a hunger for the things of God and a desire to have hearts "curved out" in service to others. Present in all our worship services, Bible studies, Life Groups, and Sunday School classes is an intense desire to allow the truth of God's Word to transform all of our lives. We are a church that acknowledges our total need for the revelation of God and we yearn for it to give shape and definition to all our relationships.

These two aspects are the expressions of true love: a desire for God and a heart for others. Ours is a community both both receives and gives. We desire all of the Life of God, and we seek to live that life of holy love from hearts that are yielded to him. We are learning and growing and giving. This is a wonderful place for anyone who wants to be wholly the Lord's and willing to offer Christ in tangible ways to our world.

We Are a Christ-Centered Community of Holy Love


At the center of who we are and all we do is Jesus Christ, God's own beloved Son.


We are a family-friendly church that values people and relationships.

Holy Love

God is holy. God is love. We desire to share in both the nature and character of God.